Option Required Currently  Status  Comments
Operation system - Linux OK  
PHP version   4.3.0 7.4.25 OK  
Perl-compatible regular expressions   On On OK  
MySQL support is ...   On Off Failed Please check php.ini to correct problem
safe_mode   0 0 OK  
disabled functions list   Not (stripslashes, define, defined, header, split, sprintf, count, strstr, serialize, trim, is_array, intval, explode, strlen, array_merge, array_unique, array_keys, preg_match, unlink, in_array, urlencode, rand, addslashes, unserialize, is_null, floor, array_search, implode, file_exists, parse_url, opendir, readdir, is_dir, closedir, time, str_replace, array_values, strpos, rtrim, constant, preg_quote, join, array_filter, key, func_set_time_limit, fwrite, mysql_num_fields, mysql_num_rows, mysql_field_name, mysql_field_type, mysql_fetch_row, flush, fflush, strtoupper, fclose, feof, fgets, chop, preg_replace, mysql_error, ini_get, is_readable, substr, phpinfo, php_uname, sort, is_writable, extension_loaded, function_exists, gd_info, phpversion, mysql_get_server_info, mysql_get_client_info, mktime, date, uniqid, each, array_sum, fopen, filetype, md5, preg_match_all, max, array_pop, ceil, round, filemtime, is_file, fgetcsv, sizeof, ord, chr, array_unshift, is_numeric, filesize, substr_count, strcmp, usort, basename, array_shift, htmlspecialchars, fread, move_uploaded_file, fputs, file, is_link, strftime, str_repeat, strtr, rename, copy, ltrim, min, end, sleep, abs, doubleval, strtolower, is_uploaded_file, dirname, ob_start, ob_get_contents, ob_end_clean, array_reverse, is_string, mt_srand, ftruncate, rewind, array_flip, func_get_args, reset, arsort, extract, strip_tags, is_resource, is_int, umask, chmod, ini_set, strcasecmp, getenv, base64_encode, ob_flush, ob_get_length, ob_end_flush, func_num_args, strrpos, is_object, is_bool, strncmp, is_double, number_format, call_user_func_array, is_float, register_shutdown_function, preg_grep, setcookie, array_slice, strncasecmp, is_scalar, ucfirst, iconv, crc32, dechex, mysql_connect, mysql_select_db, mysql_query, error_log, mysql_errno, mysql_result, mysql_fetch_array, mysql_fetch_field, mysql_free_result, mysql_insert_id, mysql_affected_rows, preg_split, current, trigger_error, array_diff, debug_backtrace, rmdir, pathinfo, readlink, is_executable, tempnam, realpath, readfile, array_splice, clearstatcache, fsockopen, mkdir, md5_file, preg_replace_callback, array_push, is_integer, microtime, putenv, chunk_split, mail, pow, ip2long, gmmktime, parse_str, urldecode, get_resource_type, base64_decode, addcslashes, range, stristr, rsort, htmlentities, rawurlencode, strtotime, class_exists, unpack, fseek, pack, srand, bin2hex, checkdate, getdate, uasort, array_map, ftell, ksort, krsort, fpassthru, error_reporting, get_magic_quotes_gpc, get_html_translation_table, ini_get_all, asort, mysql_close, set_error_handler, strrchr, stat, octdec, is_writeable, touch, gmdate, ucwords, str_pad, compact, chdir, dir, headers_sent, sqrt, get_defined_vars, call_user_func, parse_ini_file, ftp_connect, ftp_login, ftp_pasv, ftp_fput, ftp_quit, utf8_encode, mt_rand, sin, getimagesize, uksort, shuffle, html_entity_decode, hexdec, strrev, array_rand, get_defined_functions, fileperms, php_sapi_name, connection_status, mysql_fetch_assoc, mysql_list_tables, printf, is_callable, array_key_exists, eval) exec, passthru, shell_exec, system OK  
file_uploads   1 0 Failed Please check php.ini to correct problem
upload_max_filesize   2M 32M OK  
sql.safe_mode   0 0 OK  
magic_quotes_runtime   0 0 OK  
magic_quotes_sybase   0 0 OK  
GD library 2.0   2.0 bundled (2.1.0 compatible) OK  

Please contact your host administrators and ask them to correct PHP-settings for your site according to the requirements above.

Directory Permissions Required Comments
(root) /home/leilanin/public_html/shop 40755 xx755
(customer) 40755 xx755
(admin) /admin 40755 xx755
(provider) /provider 40755 xx755
(partner) /partner 40755 xx755

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