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 N. Melvino

A primary crossing of N. spathulata and N. bongso. So far, all the progeny from this cross have been very dark in color. At this age they appear very much like a black N. spathulata.

N. Vanessa

Another primary crossing. This time its N. spathulata crossed with the beautiful N. rafflesiana (Kondo x Singapore giant). Still fairly young we have not had any really large pitchers yet but the ones we have had look to have taken much of the color and shape from the father. We'll keep you posted as the weather gets warmer.

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 N. Mauna Loa

A complex hybrid crossing N. ventricosa with Exotica's N. Sublime Beauty ( .. N. truncata x veitchii). The size and shape of a N. ventricosa x truncata but with a much larger and colorful peristome.

 N. insignis (Biak form)

Its not often we get the chance to breed pure species here at LHNN. Due to local tourist trading in N. insignis its environmental circumstance is somewhat precarious. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to grow both male and female N. insignis from the same locality in Biak and have been successful in producing new stock.

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